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Core Erotic Blueprint Evaluation

When we discuss someone’s blueprint or wiring we are referring to the part of  the body’s physiology or neurology that determines or controls something. Likewise, a person’s  Core Erotic Blueprint (CEB) refers to the fundamental way that one is erotically wired and reveals the best paths for their sexual arousal. This wiring is like a blueprint that can provide a person detailed information as to what types of sexual responses they may have, what needs they have, and what types of strengths and weaknesses they may have, as it relates to their sexuality.A Core Erotic Blueprint is created from a combination of both our genetic make-up and how we were brought up. For example, people who were not provided with lots of touch and sensation while growing up may live in the shadow of a particular wiring and tend to have a hard time feeling what is happening in their bodies.

Conversely, those who were provided with lots of touch and sensation while growing up are more likely to more deeply connected to their bodies and thus would be more conditioned towards the positive expression of the

Sensual type CEB.

Fortunately, while we all have a core blueprint, due to neuroplasticity we are each able to create new wiring, thus expanding our expression of our own sexuality and opening the doors to what will bring us, and our partners, pleasure!The CEB Evaluation allows a couple to look at their individual wiring, as well as their partner’s, and discover how they may work together to create enhanced sexual compatibility.The following questions are provided in order for you to determine what your Core Erotic Blueprint may be. If you have a lover, have them answer this as well so that you may compare notes.

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