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Transform Your Relationships. Transform Your Life.

Epic Sex And Grand Love.

Hi, I’m Nathalie Sommer, a Relationship and Intimacy coach and I help women and couples experience complete confidence, sensual pleasure and deep intimacy in their relationships.

Our sex life and relationships play a significant role in our happiness and well being… and guess what?

It’s ok to talk about it!

More About Nathalie

What if there was a simple way of understanding your “Sex Language”?

What if you were able to learn how you’re wired erotically, what your pathways to arousal are, and how to communicate what it is that feeds you?

And what if you were able to decipher the erotic blueprint of a current or potential lover? What if you each knew how to feed one another?

I can assure you that many new insights would be gained and new levels of passion, satisfaction and sexual fulfillment would be achieved!

Discover Your Erotic Blueprint™ & How It Increases Satisfaction

When you work with me, we will create your own erotic map. You’ll l finally know your own language of arousal and understand why mind-blowing pleasure may have eluded you. Plus, you’ll learn how to identify your partner’s blueprint type and how to better please them both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Benefits for you as a woman include:

• Greater self-confidence in and out of the bedroom so you easily recognise the beautiful woman you are,

• A deeper understanding of your body so you feel more aligned with your needs, wants and desires,

• Identifying a clear pathway to boosting your libido and arousal, which means more sexl and greater fulfillment,

• Practical tools to help you feel more alive and satisfied instead of stuck in your head and unable to feel what is really happening in your body.

Benefits for your relationship include:

• Clear communication between you and your partner so you feel a greater connection and you genuinely enjoy spending time together,

• Experience less arguments and you’re easily able to let go of tension and resentment,

• Understanding your own and your partner’s erotic map, helping you to shift a mediocre, stale or rote relationship into one filled with adventure, fun and excitement,

• Learn pathways to greater sexual health (meaning better erections, orgasms, libido and staying power),

• Knowing how to feed your own and your partner’s needs creating deeper intimacy in the bedroom.

You’ll enjoy more sex, more desire and more sexual satisfaction, that you didn’t even know was possible, all while creating greater love and connection.

How I can help you

I’m here to help you with compassionate support, education and practical, easy to implement tools. My clients frequently share with me how comfortable I make them feel from the very first session and that my mentoring style is warm, engaging and practical.

It’s beautiful to see relationships become loving and harmonious again and see women embrace their confidence and sensual selves. My clients’ (and their partners’) whole lives change as a result of working with me. I’m so grateful to be a part of that change.

It’s possible for everyone to have a harmonious and connected partnership. We all deserve to have that in our lives.

I offer online programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype.

If having a great relationship and an intimate life is something you deeply desire, then head over to the contact button and get in touch with me. I look forward to connecting with you.

  • “Testimonials”

    ‘I met Nathalie almost two years ago when she was focusing primarily on Wellness Coach. I soon realised that she is the kind of person and coach that sees deep into a someone's needs and find ways to help. I have always been interested in sexuality and relationship. I did the Blueprint and Relationship coaching sessions with Nathalie and I loved it! I felt that she helped me open up in some areas that I was unsure, as well as better understand some of my sexual and relationship preferences with further enthusiasm and acceptance, even when things can be different from one person to another. With no judgement, good listening skills, good questions and understanding, Nathalie helped me go deeper into my intimacy. I have been married for nearly 20 years and at times things can be a little challenging, in the communication front as well as in the bedroom. Nathalie was able to shed some light and give some tips to improve and grow on all fronts. And mainly, I felt more self assured, more accepting and happier of my preferences sexually and intimately. I would certainly recommend Nathalie and her coaching to anyone going through changes or challenges in their relationship, be it the duration of a relationship, divorces, doubts or simply wanting to go deeper into their own sexuality, sensuality and satisfaction as I did.’

  • “Testimonials”

    ‘There was once a time when I was sexually alive, thriving, and super connected to those parts of myself. Over the years, I had actually shut down and numbed those vital parts. As time went on, I found myself on a journey of deep personal work where I began to realize that part of my healing/sexual healing was to help others in this very challenging area. As fate would have it, along the way I stumbled upon Nathalie’s work, when I realized she was offering this amazing program, I knew I wanted to learn more. Working with Nathalie has allowed me to go even deeper into my healing and understand the collective suffering and shadows around sexuality as a human. Taking this course has allowed me to learn so much more about myself and my partner. It has allowed me to honor myself & others and listen even more deeply. I have discovered useful skills and techniques not just in the bedroom, but in communication, listening, slowing down, how to be more courageous in sexual exploration,. Currently there is still work to do and challenges that I face but all the while I find myself learning, growing, having fun, and continually discovering how to keep nourishing myself and my partner. I find myself more compassionate, safe, able to get my needs met, able to give, being more open, and excited to keep on this path and see where it takes me!’

  • “Testimonials & Kind Words”

    ‘I was starving emotionally and physically in my relationship. Feeling edgy, frustrated, desperate at times. Asking my partner to meet my needs, and feeling ashamed and embarrassed when he tried, but it was awkward and unfulfilling. I was ready to give up. But giving up on my relationship was also giving up on myself. I was carrying shame and guilt in my body - and acted out in anger and blame. My turning point was taking the quiz - and finally understanding and accepting all those parts of myself - and being able to talk to my partner about it. It was a light bulb moment - realizing that I’m wired this way, that I need it, and that I’m ok! And that it’s possible to have my needs met. I wasn’t weird or wrong for wanting it all. I can now say that ALL of my fantasies came true, and all of my needs are met. I am no longer starving. I am in love even more now than before, I feel deeply understood and met by my partner, and I know I’ve got the tools and the skills to ask for everything I want. I can’t wait to see what else we can explore!’

  • “Testimonials”

    ‘Before, I struggled with sexual satisfaction, intimacy and connection with my husband of 14 years. Our communication skills both inside and outside the bedroom were failing. My desires and ability to access those desires were stale and dormant somewhere in my body. Life stressors had stripped me of my livelihood and I didn’t know if I’d ever find “me” again. My husband and I discovered our blueprints, played the A/B game, discovered kink and have taken our sex life to a whole new level -- most nights are 2-3 hours of exploration!! New dynamics inside and outside of the bedroom are creating increased connection, trust and satisfaction.’

  • “Testimonials”

    ‘Almost 10 years ago, I sort of woke up to the fact that I was very unhappy in my marriage. In exploring how to change that, one of the things that came up very clearly was that my husband and I had very different ways of being intimate with each other. What I know now is that I was starving in my own blueprint and everything we had done or were doing was filling up his blueprint, but not mine. We worked with a sex counselor and began to unravel some of the things I needed, but none of us had the language or tools to really understand how to address it. My husband and I ended up divorcing, for many reasons, but this was a big part of it because he saw no reason to change anything since it was working for him. I went on to find a partner who fills me up in so many ways. It was like coming home. It wasn't until I heard about the Erotic Blueprints that I finally understood what had been going on in my marriage. Our blueprints are different, but we had enough overlap to make things work out for a long time. He was purely sexual, but I was starving particularly in my energetic and sensual. He was in the shadow of the sexual in that he couldn't see how energetic or sensual things could fill me up and if we didn't get to having sex, then what was the point of any of it. This work has taught me how to understand my erotic self, how to ask for what I need, how to not feel guilty for those needs, how to offer my partner what he needs - and the biggie, without feeling overwhelmed by that offering. I've learned that when I am filled up, I have so much more to give. Before the program, I was suffering and felt alone thinking I was broken with my sexuality and that maybe I just did not have that passionate fire that everyone talks about. I was starving sexually and had no idea what were my sexual needs. o What did you do? I took a risk and invested in myself. I studied about sexuality and intimacy and I signed up to the program. I learned how to coach people with an effective framework that gets transformation in 8 weeks. o Where are you now? Now I am feeling like I am understood and heard from my partner sexually. I am experiencing sexual satisfaction and pleasure. I feel nourished now and actually know and understand what I desire.’


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